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The Zero-Cost Flat Rate Pricing App For HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing Contractors
When Your Next Service Call Comes In, Trust It Will Run Smoothly
Turn A Consistent Profit In Your Service Business
Coolfront equips your business and staff with customized flat rate repair prices so you can be consistent and profitable on every service call
Squash Low-priced Competition While Staying Profitable
Answer your customer’s No. 1 question ‘how much?’, upsell more maintenance agreements, and swipe customer credit cards in the field for an all-around excellent customer experience
De-stress Staff and Increase Efficiency In The Office
Office staff can build and manage work orders electronically, view customer history, dispatch service calls to the field, and invoice customers with Coolfront’s QuickBooks Add-On

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Coolfront Mobile is Zero-Cost
You Recover The Cost of Each Work Order Using Coolfront Mobile.

Here's How It Works:
1. You pay $1.73 per work order created using Coolfront.
2. Coolfront adds $1.73 into each repair you add to a work order.
3. You collect for the repair and recover the work order fee.
4. We'll give you the first 50 work orders free.
That’s Not All – Coolfront Mobile Integrates With:
Google Calendar
More Awesome
Coolfront Mobile Features:
  • Work order management with customized service pricing for your business needs
  • Fully-managed flat rate database with thousands of repairs
  • Present profitable repair fees upfront
  • Run on any smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Use with, or without, an internet connection
  • Collect customer approval and signature, and email customer invoices
  • Integrate with your QuickBooks software - no more dual entry
  • Upload pictures and files to customer's work orders
  • Collect payment and swipe credit cards in the field
  • Use Coolfront at Zero-Cost to your business
  • Unlimited, free training and support
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